With all the confusion that a loss can bring it is comforting to know that you now can select a cemetery memorial from Brucker & Kishler. We handle every detail from design to setting the memorial on your cemetery lot.  We are here to assist you in your selection of a quality memorial.  Our memorial consultants are competent, well trained professionals in the field of proper memorialization, dedicated to helping you select a lasting memorial.  It is comforting to know that you can handle all your cemetery memorial details to someone you know and trust.

Family Memorials

We offer a wide selection of cemetery markers in several different colors – Service Dark Blue – Jet Black – American Black – Silver Cloud – India Red – Missouri Red – Chapel Rose – Ruby Rose – Salisbury Pink – Carolina Mahogany – Dakota Mahogany – Pearl Grey.

We have hundreds of computerized designs available:
–  Religious (all religions)
–  Outdoor Scenes
–  Sports & Hobby
–  National & Military

We also offer:
Laser Etched Photographs – Porcelain Photographs – Shaded Designs – Custom Artwork and Designs – Hobby & Sports Images – Signatures – Any Alphabet (i.e. Chinese, Arabic) – Black & White Etched Pictures – Religious Images – Military & National Emblems

 Bronze Markers